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Welcome one and all.

This is the official site of Against All Gods. Guild news, changes, feedback, and other general discussion will for the most part be done here.

Obviously as time goes on, we'll update the cosmetic merit of the site, but for now we would like to get everything up and running first.

Thanks, and welcome!
~Zixxy, GM.
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The Town Cryer 1-Intro and the topic of "Lack of direction."

Zixxy, Apr 5, 12 3:26 AM.
Thanks for coming to the website!

First off before I get into the main topic I'd like to thank everyone for stopping in here. I like the community aspect of a guild as much as the in-game aspect and hope that we all become fast friends. In guilds, I like to think that if we can help we will, so there's an emphasis on helping. Even if it's just telling someone what mob to kill, help out. Keeps everyone happy! :D

Now for the main topic.

I suppose the first bit of news I should address is something that has been brought to my attention as of late, and it is the "lack of direction" of the guild.

Now, this spawns from the PM's of "Well, what kind of guild are you." to which I always respond, "Well, raiding and PvP are both priority in my book. I like both aspects. We're just a newly-formed guild so I say sky's the limit, right?"

A lot of people don't understand this and write the guild off as a "chat hub" guild. I dont mind the chat hub idea, but I do intend for this guild to have direction, and that direction is whatever you feel like.

Though to clarify everything up to this point, I'm going to give a tl;dr option:

PvP Organizer
Raid Leader (Primary or secondary position pending)
All interested in participating in Raids or PvP on an active basis

Recruiting has now begun. Anyone who is interested should post a comment here! Let us know! That includes anybody who's interested, regardless of item level or level. We are here to help!

Thanks, and happy hunting!
~Zixxy, GM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Zixxy, Mar 25, 12 1:27 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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